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Internet Marketing

Desmond Ong, an entrepreneur, internet marketer, and founder of ChromaBit, has dedicated his career to helping others transform their careers.

More than just positioning himself as a guru in his industry, Desmond loves to get involved with his students’ successes from the ground up.



After working with Desmond for a little while, once we implemented things, I ended up making roughly $9,000 in profit in 90 minutes!

Jonas Lindgren

He’s one of those guys that motivates you, gets you going, doesn’t take any nonsense, and tells you like it is.

Jon Mulder

I totally recommend him to anybody who’s looking to make money online.

Daniel Wiafe

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More About Desmond

Desmond frequently works directly with his students and always takes the time for mentoring, speaking, and teaching opportunities internationally. Desmond is also a believer in “practicing what you preach,” and the tenets of internet marketing that define his informational products are the same as those that he uses to build his own company, ChromaBit, to massive success.

Desmond’s inspirational story and hands-on approach to teaching has not gone unnoticed in the industry, and he has received dozens of testimonials from professionals who were able to redefine their careers and either supplement or replace their incomes for the better.

This site will highlight the many authentic testimonials that do more than just inspire other aspiring professionals– they also inspire Desmond Ong to continue sharing his informational products with people every day.

Professional Background: Desmond founded Malaysia’s top online publishing company, ChromaBit, in the summer of 2013. Let’s break down the name: chroma is Greek for colors, and bit is the smallest unit of computer information. This award-winning Internet marketing company was conceptualized by Desmond after he saw the endless possibilities in our current age of information — and he resolved to bring “color” to the industry by publishing interesting and high-quality content. Since then, ChromaBit has thrived as a company. It once generated over 2 million targeted visitors to one of its websites within the span of just 13 days.

Prior to founding ChromaBit, Desmond tried to pave his own way in business by niche blogging, and then by building and selling websites. It wasn’t until he came across information marketing that he began to see long-term progress, and he decided to tailor his career toward helping people become experts in online marketing. In 2014, Desmond penned a book: Against All Odds: Secrets Of Starting At 15, Achieving Million Dollars Sales & Financial Freedom Before 21. The book was highly successful and received over 3,000 downloads within its first few months of publication.